julio balmaceda

Tangopura is thrilled to announce that world-renowned Milonguero Julio Balmaceda and his new partner Virginia Vasconi will be making their introductory to Singapore this December!

There will be workshops, private classes and one big BIG year-end Milonga party to mark this special occasion!

About Julio Balmaceda y Virginia Vasconi

Julio is considered one of the most important Tango teachers around the world due to his unique style and pedagogy. 
He was the first young teacher who kept on researching tango and its training without losing the connection with the tango essence of the old milongueros and salon dancers. He is not only a born tango dancer but also intuitive. He is well known worldwide as well as in Argentina due to his naturalness, quality and musicality that make his dance and his walk a synonym of Tango.

He is also a judge member of the Mundial de Tango in Buenos Aires since the beginning of it. In 2013 he was also a judge member of the European Tango Championship held in Rome. In 2015 he was the Head Judge in Korea Tango Championship. Currently, he travels the world to perform and to teach seminars and workshops in very important venues. Also, he has his own school “Zaraza Tango” in Buenos Aires.

These days, Julio has the honor of being considered one of the youngest “milongueros” in Buenos Aires.

Virginia took her first dance steps in her mother’s gym at age five and later she studied classical ballet and artistic gymnastics. She is a Jazz dance teacher, proficient in Latin rhythms, stretching, classical ballet and contemporary dance.

She started with Tango in 2008 and immediately became a member of the famous DNI Dance Company and School until 2015. She has performed in the most prestigious Milongas and Theaters of Buenos Aires. She has been teaching Tango in different cities of Europe, Canada and USA and Asia.  In 2014 she was judge in all the categories for the St. Petersburg Tango Championship. Currently, she continues her training in yoga, modern dance, stretching, ballet, and theater in order to enhance her skills as a tango dancer, teacher and performer.

Julio and Virginia have created a unique style recognized for their interpretation of the music and their dynamic. They combine elegance with technique, elasticity with strength, to create the perfect ingredients for beautiful, passionate and talented tango.

Julio y Virginia will be conducting a total of six workshops this December:

1. Introduction to techniques, walking and the embrace (Beginner/Intermediate)
Julio is well known for the quality of his embrace and connection with his partner. In this workshop, you will learn about the techniques that enable that kind of embrace and walking.

2. Introduction to circular movements (turns) with different resolutions (Intermediate)

3. Vals – Displacements in Vals focusing on the music (Intermediate)

4. Milonga – Rhythmical structures and sincope (Intermediate)

5. Spiral Movements (Intermediate/Advance)

6. New movements to play with directions (Intermediate/Advance)

Private Classes:
Julio y Virginia are available for private classes as well. The private rate class fee is SGD200 for one teacher (Julio or Virginia) and SGD300 for both teachers, inclusive of studio fees and will be conducted at Tangopura.


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