Damian Boggio

The team at Tangopura is happy to partner renowned DJ Damian Boggio (Argentina) to conduct two DJ workshops on 2 May (Monday), 3pm-5pm and 5pm-7pm.

Workshop 1 (3pm-5pm)
Choice of music for a Milonga (What a “musicalizador” needs to know to make an unforgettable Milonga)

Workshop 2 (5pm-7pm)
The history of Tango and an in-depth examination of the different orchestras: the tools of their work and music.

The workshops are open to current and existing Tango DJs as well as Tango dancers who want a deeper appreciation and understanding of the music of the milonga.

Date: 2 May 2016
Time: 3pm-5pm and 5pm-7pm
Venue: The Lumen Room, 10 Winstedt Road #01-11, Singapore 227977
Fee: USD50 for one workshop or USD80 for both workshops

To register, kindly drop us an email at chen_wei_li@tangopura.com and leave us your name, email and mobile. We are keeping this workshop really small. Therefore register soon!

About Damian Boggio

Damián Boggio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1972. He has been a Tango DJ since 1999.

Damian spent more than 10 years DJing in Buenos Aires´ best-loved milongas (including “Salón Canning”, “La Nacional”, “El Beso”, “Porteño y Bailarín”, “CITA”, “La Noche de Gavito”) between 2000 and 2010. He learned from the great and passionate porteño dancers – “old milongueros” – and frequented their regular “tango, friends and drinks” nights. He counts among his teachers, the likes of Osvaldo Natucci and Mario Orlando.

Between 2006 and 2010, Damian organised his “Mina Milonga”, in Salón Canning, every Tuesday, presenting the best dancers and live orchestras.

From 2004, he started traveling to Europe, promoting his distinctive music playing style. To date, he has DJed in Italy, Germany, Great Britain, France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Luxembourg and Holland.

In 2006, he started organising courses for those wanting to be Tango DJs, which was where many of the present well-known Tango DJs learnt their trade. In 2008, he became the first Tango DJ to play music in Asia (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong) as well as conducting his highly appreciated courses.

His main goal and interest is in promoting the original tango music. He does so on his tour “EL DISCO ES CULTURA 2015” (“Record is Culture 2015”), around Argentina, Europe and Asia, which has been going on for the last few years. To achieve this, Damian uses the old vinyl records that belonged to his parents and grandparents; the same used at the beginning of his career.

Nowadays, he DJs using vinyl records, carrying them with him all around the world.

This has inspired many Tango DJs to perform likewise, thus reviving interest in the original old records.