Argentine Tango Beginners For Busy People

Interested to learn Argentine Tango but do not have time to commit for the entire regular class? Then this three-week Tango Beginners For Busy People course is just for you.

Tangopura’s Argentine Tango Beginners For Busy People course is for students who want to learn to dance Argentine Tango and are new to the dance. We have a relaxed and fun environment that encourages students to continue learning Tango.

We condense our Beginner curriculum into 3 weeks (2 hours each) of classes, covering the following:

    • Basic embrace with a partner – Learn how to engage your partner
    • Forward and side steps – Learn how to synchronize your forward and side steps with your partner
    • Ocho and Cruzadas – Learn how to lead and follow Ocho (figure8 turns) and Cruzadas (Crosses)
    • Beginner sequences – Learn some basic figures involving the use of Ochos, Cruzadas, forward steps and side steps.

Course Duration: 3 Weeks
Time: 7pm – 9pm

Q: I don’t have a partner. Can I still sign up for the course?
A: Argentine Tango is a social dance. Therefore, throughout the class, we encourage students to practice with different people in order to master the dance.

Q: I do not have any dance background. How difficult will it be to take this Tango Beginners For Busy People course?
A: Anyone can dance Tango! A beginner is welcome to attend a regular social and dance. If you don’t believe us, come to one of our regular social nights (Milongas) and see for yourself!

Q: How should I dress for Tango classes?
A: Come dressed in comfortable attire. Participants are strongly encourages to wear leather/suede-soled shoes or socks for their first class.

Q: What if I have to miss one class due to unforeseen circumstances?
A: When you sign up for Tangopura’s Tango Foundation Course, you are eligible to re-take the course for free*! We encourage all students to retake the Foundation Course and reinforce all the fundamentals.