Wai Chung (yTango)

Tango Instructor

Wai Chung‘s background includes Modern, Contemporary and Jazz dance as well as martial arts and gymnastics.  But a chance encounter with Argentine Tango – he was accompanying a reporter friend covering a story on the newly arrived dance in Singapore – led to the proverbial love at first sight (or step) for him.  That was in 2001 and Wai Chung has never looked back.

Hanging up his corporate suit and tie, Wai Chung started teaching Argentine Tango professionally in 2006. Since then, he has devoted a few months each year in its land of origin – Buenos Aires, Argentina – training with the world’s top tango maestros, honing his craft, and dancing in the milongas. 

Popular with the locals and being a fluent speaker of the Argentine language, they soon refer to him affectionately by the similar sounding nickname “Juancho”.

Wai Chung is one of the few dancers with an intimate understanding of both the traditional styles of Tango Salon and Milonguero, as well as Tango Nuevo. His dancing is described as elegant, playful, soft, clean and musically expressive.

He has performed at numerous events in Singapore where he is currently based, as well as in Malaysia, Australia and Argentina, including the famous Salon Canning in Buenos Aires. 

Visit his website www.ytango.sg for more information.